Sunday, July 27, 2008

Addition to "The List: MCE" 

OK, Bill Gates (previously #10) is out. That was a terrible decision, as some commenters pointed out.

In his place goes Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine.

Since I initially posted about discovering the strip, I've become quite enamored with it. And when I get into something pop-culture related, I do it whole-hog (or in this case, whole-Pig). So I've already bought and am halfway through the first treasury of strips so I could read the whole thing from the beginning.

I also listened to a lengthy interview with Pastis the other day. He's a recovering lawyer and an interesting fellow. I learned a lot about the life of a comic writer, and about the business in general. His sense of humor is right in line with mine. In fact, sometimes his commentaries in the book are as entertaining as the strips themselves. If I had the talent and imagination to have created a comic strip, it would have been a lot like Pearls.

By the way, that interview I alluded to was done by a guy called "Mr. Media" -- whose real name is Bob Andelman.

Messiah, is Dr. Bob moonlighting as a celebrity interviewer?

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