Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pearls Comes to Life! 

Soon after discovering Pearls Before Swine in mid-2008, I read the first two treasuries (each containing 18 months of strips, plus commentary) in short order.

Now, after some down time, I'm back into it whole hog (or more appropriately, whole Pig) and am finishing up the third treasury -- now listed in the "What I'm Reading" section.

I also discovered Stephan Pastis' blog, where I learned that some short animated Pearls cartoons have been made, and that there is talk of a feature film.

For any other Pearls fans out there: There are 16 of these cartoons, and they're all free to download on iTunes! It's interesting to see the choices they made for the voices and such. I laughed at this one, which is also (obviously) available on YouTube.

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