Friday, July 02, 2010

The Month of Living Caffeine Free (Day 4) 

Soon after reading A.J. Jacobs' book (pictured) in 2008, I embarked on The Month of Living Vegetarianally, which was a very successful experiment.

Now I bring you The Month of Living Caffeine Free. As you could probably tell by the title of this post.

I drink soda several times a week because it tastes good, and coffee several times a week because it's something to do and goes well with bagels. But I don't really anticipate this being all that much of a challenge.

The biggest test was actually today. I tend to need a pick-me-up (at least a psychological one) on Fridays because I don't get to bed Thursday nights until about 3:15, and have to be relatively coherent in the morning. I had a decaf for the placebo effect, and I'm speaking English competently. But check in with me at 6:30.

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