Monday, June 29, 2009

Greenification of the Nation, Pt. II 

With our electricity consumption (and bill) dramatically reduced, we've turned our attention to water-related matters.

We bought a big ol' rain barrel from the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, which sells them at a nice price and provides free installation and monitoring.

We'll use this (free!) H2O to water the plants and lawn, hose down the hound, wash the car, and other outdoor projects.

If we keep it long enough, we'll make the cost of the barrel back. But the bigger benefit is that we're doing our small part to reduce runoff -- which complicates sewer problems that could eventually financially cripple our region.

If everyone had barrels, we'd greatly reduce the number of times taxpayers get whacked by (and pay a lot to clean up) flash floods like the ones two weeks ago.

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