Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I really enjoy Katy Perry, don't get me wrong. And as you all know, reflexive cultural snobbery tends to grind my gears.

Still, it was a little weird to see this (lower left) in the "Sound of Starbucks" display:

I mean, doesn't America rely on Starbucks to recommend music that's mainstream enough that you don't have to feel like an unwashed hippie, but "cool" enough that you can play it at your dinner party and relish in your own hipness? Like the also-pictured John Legend, for instance. Katy Perry I woudn't have predicted. But good for her!

(By the way, the literal "Sound of Starbucks" when I was sitting in there was incredibly grating violin music that made me want to throw hot coffee at the speaker. Oh, what I would've given for a little Teenage Dream).

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