Friday, September 03, 2010

Movie review-palooza! 

I still have maintained my freakish streak of not seeing a movie in the theaters since 2008. However, during the TV slow season this summer, we have gotten through some Netflix movies, most of them very light/silly.

Here they are, roughly in the order in which I enjoyed them -- with my trademark detailed reviews.

1) Iron Man: Thoroughly enjoyable superhero goodness.

2) Milk: Thoroughly enjoyable gayness.

3) Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Maybe it was the fact it was set in Pittsburgh, but I just plain liked this one.

4) Role Models: Far from a perfect movie, but I liked this one so much more than its contemporary buddy film listed at #8.

5) The Invention of Lying: This was way better than I expected. The first 20 minutes was hilarious, and overall it wasn't that far from being a legitimately intresting movie, a la Pleasantville. But it sort of went off the rails and ended up not making all that much sense if you really tried to think about it. Still, I love Ricky Gervais and that was enough.

6) Date Night: This came nowhere close to actually being a good movie, but with Steve Carell and Tina Fey, you're going to laugh.

7) Pink Panther (2006): It is what it is. You could watch the absolutely hilarious "I would like to buy a Hamburger" scene on YouTube (which I'd already done), and you wouldn't miss much else. But I got a kick out of watching Steve Martin do his thing.

8) The Hangover: Pretty disappointing, given the buzz about it. Mike Tyson's tiger? Come on now. I'm all about silly movies, as you can see. But this one just missed the mark.

9) Harold & Kumar go to White Castle: This was a pretty bad movie, but I had to see it for obvious pop culture reasons. Had NPH not been in it, I don't know that anyone would remember it, let alone have emboldened the studio to make two sequels.

27) Sherlock Holmes: I thought this was really, really dreadful. I enjoyed it so much less than the other nine that I'm listing it as #27. I admit, I was extremely tired when we watched it, and I was in no mood to sift through the mental haze to make sense of the plot. But I'm pretty sure that even if I'd been more awake, it would've been a stinker.

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