Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, I've had two interesting off-site e-mail exchanges regarding KatyGate. While I enjoy the discussions and respect everyone's opinion, my personal view certainly hasn't changed. And my broader beliefs about the ridiculous attitudes about sex in America (and the rock-bottom teen sex, pregnancy, abortion, and AIDS rates that we have to show for them) haven't, either.

All I will concede is that given that this is the United States, and that the outfit does not add anything to the performance (well...not for the kids!), Ms. Perry should have known this would happen. But that doesn't mean I agree with the outcry.

Also, I've decided: Jasmine from Alladin? Clearly a whore. One false move with that arm, and we get a glimpse of savory cartoon ta-tas!

Toss those Alladin DVDs onto the nearest pile of burning Korans at once!

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