Thursday, August 26, 2010

The One Where I Get Every Channel 

I don't normally complain about customer service, or make blanket statements about hating entire industries. But I must say that I really dislike the cable company. Any cable company. Or satellite provider. Really anyone in charge of delivering the flashy talking pictures to the rectangle in my living room.

My one-year Comcast "bundle" expired, causing my bill to skyrocket. So I embarked on a three-day ordeal in which the goal was simple: Try to get the same answer twice when asking what I can do to get my bill back down. Pretty much impossible.

Finally, after I told them (truthfully) that I'd gotten an estimate from Verizon, they offered me a bundle that would cut my bill by $30 (though it's still about $30 higher than when I moved into the house as a new Triple Play customer).

Of course the only package they would offer me that had what I wanted was the Every Channel Known To Man Bundle. So now I pay less than I did, and get more channels, knowing full well that in 12 months I will have to go through the whole damn process again.

The change did pay an immediate dividend, though. I now get the CBS College Sports channel, which shows College/Club Ultimate Frisbee Nationals, as well as "Road to the Championship"-type features about ultimate. Which is pretty neat.

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