Monday, June 21, 2010

iPhone 4 Upgrade: Faster than a speeding Gazelle 

When the iPhone 3GS came out last year, we had just bought our 3G's six months before. Plus, it really wasn't much of an improvement.

This time around? Different story. In case you missed the news coverage, the iPhone 4 looks absolutely fantastic. Completely redesigned, faster, slimmer, a vastly improved display, better battery life, 5 MP camera, HD video recording/editing, and this year's Next Big Thing, FaceTime video calling (basically "iSkype").

So it was quickly decided: our anniversary/birthday gifts will be an upgrade.

What makes this move so much more enticing is the plethora of extremely generous phone buyback offers out there. If all goes well, we will get $126 each from Gazelle.com for our 3G's.

That's 42% of the original purchase price on a two-generations-ago product that we used for 18 months.

This leads me to my next series: "Where In The World is Dan's iPhone 4?"

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