Monday, December 28, 2009

Joined Twitter; so far still not getting the day-to-day appeal 

So I took the eight seconds required to join Twitter.

And I still don't quite get it.

Writing/Following regular folks: I know very few people on Twitter. And my Facebook status still seems a better way to reach people if I have anything to say.

Following famous people: I can't see anyone in the Top 200 followed celebs and news outlets whose thoughts I care to hear. Any items with any significance will be somewhere else in due time, no?

I'm sure I'll eventually find some interesting people. I am following Neil Patrick Harris, because he's cool.

Also, I really don't see myself logging in to yet another site. And I don't sit in front of the same computer all day, where I could just leave it open.

So all you Twitters (Twats?) out there, go ahead and extol its virtues. I'm listening.

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