Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free half a grand = good 

Hopefully all of you, being the wise people you are, have some sort of free credit card that gives you rewards.

If not, I highly recommend the Chase Amazon.com card.

It's a fairly standard deal. You get one point for most purchases, two points for gas and a few other things, and three points for Amazon purchases. Then you can cash in every 2,500 points for a $25 Amazon certificate.

Here's the year-end Free Money Recap from the D-Nation household:

Total 2009 Amazon purchases: $1,143.76
Total actually paid: $621.33
Total free stuff: $522.43

One hell of a deal, I tell you. These numbers may be slightly inflated because from January to March they decided to give some insane amount of points -- 10x, I think? -- for all household bills (including cell phone, cable, etc) that you put on the card. So we got a bazillion points those three months.

Here's hoping they do it again in '10!

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