Monday, November 09, 2009

Let's play(bill) two 

We're headed to NYC this weekend, and plans are to make the most of our time there by doing a day-night Broadway doubleheader on Saturday!

I never buy tickets in advance, instead relying on the trusty TKTS booth, or a spur of the moment box office decision.

The show at the top of my list is the critically-acclaimed Next to Normal.

Beyond that, it's a wide open race. Could go for a long-running hit like Wicked or the Best Musical winner from a couple years ago, In the Heights.

Then there's Rock of Ages. I originally thought this looked like something that wouldn't be worth it, since it's just 80's songs recycled into a silly plot. But it actually got a strong review from the Times, and it's supposed to be a pretty fun time.

If anyone has any suggestions, fire away.

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