Friday, November 06, 2009

Hulu $$? 

I know I have some Hulu enthusiasts out there, so maybe one of you can explain this to me.

How can Hulu consider charging for content, when it's nothing more than an aggregator of other sites' content?

Not to denigrate the site, but it doesn't seem to do anything except bring free stuff that's available elsewhere into one location. For instance, all of the ABC shows and clips that they provide are the ones on ABC's website (where the player is actually better). When they expire on ABC, they expire on Hulu.

So presumably they will only charge for some sort of additional premium content that isn't available now, or will make episodes available for longer periods of time. Because I doubt the networks will stop providing basic free content on their own sites just because Hulu needs cash. And I can't believe people would be so dumb as to pay Hulu for content that was still available on network sites for free.

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