Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Accidental 8th Fall TV Review (Thanks, Mom!) 

I was over at my parents' house, and my Mom wanted to show me an episode of ABC's The Middle, which is her new favorite show.

The show stars Patricia Heaton, "Janitor" from Scrubs (don't know his real name) and Chris Kattan, plus three kids (see below).

Coming in with zero expectations, I was shocked at how funny it was. Some critics are comparing it favorably to Malcolm in the Middle, but I've never seen that show. So I can just say it's funny, and worth the 21 minutes to try it out at ABC.com in your office when you're supposed to be working. I mean, at home on your own personal computer.

Even if you generally don't like family comedies and "real life"-derived family humor (see Everybody Loves Raymond), you'll be hard-pressed to not find Atticus Shaffer hilarious. He plays Brick, the brainy, undersized, "socially challenged" youngest kid in the family. Possibly the funniest, weirdest sitcom kid ever. Here's a Hulu clip of an ABC promo:

I've watched four of the five episodes in rapid succession, and in every episode that kid cracks my shit up. I've been walking around the house whispering to myself for several days.

ABC clearly has faith in the show, as it was picked up for a full season after just two episodes. So I'm doing my little part to help the word spread.

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