Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall TV Review #4 

FlashForward, ABC.

Episodes watched: 1.

Still Watching?: No.

My take: I liked the concept. And... that's about it. The cast was populated by a strangely large number of British actors, including star Joseph Fiennes, who were obviously not that comfortable faking the American accent. In fact, the acting overall struck me as stilted. The writing was uninspired. We TiVo'd the next few eps but despite an intriguing final scene in the pilot, we just could never get excited about pressing PLAY. The only real highlight was Seth MacFarlane popping up in an uncredited role as a random FBI lackey!

Crystal Ball Prediction: Well, it got a full season pickup. I won't speculate beyond that. I think interesting concepts can lead people to overlook other flaws. And besides, I only watched the pilot, so it might have improved. But until LOST is gone, I'm spoiled. It's ruined me for every other show of that ilk.

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