Monday, September 14, 2009

Nobody puts Patrick Swayze's obit in a corner 

Shame on you, lazy CNN reporter.

As I was perusing Facebook, I was sad to see someone announce via their status update that Patrick Swayze had lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I flipped the TV over to CNN, where Campbell Brown was repeating the breaking news and introducing a packaged obit.

Now, many of you probably know the morbid-but-understandable media truth: that obituaries of prominent/sick people are often produced while they're alive. But ideally, they're freakin' updated once in a while, since the idea is not to make this practice obvious.

I say this because it caught my ear when the CNN reporter said, "Then, in March, he announced he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer." I was like, "What? That can't possibly have been this year, could it?"

Well, no, it was of course March of '08. I think CNN just did their obit right away, knowing the likely reality of the situation.

I realize I'm probably one of the few people who would a) notice this, b) realize the reason for it, and c) care. But come on, people. Let's get it together. Nobody needs to see the man behind the curtain. And the deceased deserve more.

Also, it should surprise no longtime reader of this blog that I think Dirty Dancing was awesome. So there. And so was this classic SNL skit.

Also also, I find it FUCKING FREAKY that as I was writing that last sentence, an awful jingle-ized remake of "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes (which I will forever associate with Dirty Dancing) began playing on the TV. Even worse than the terrible arrangement of the song was the realization that it was in a boner pill commercial.

I think I've lost the point of this post.

Patrick, you'll be missed.

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