Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall TV Review #1: Glee 

As longtime readers know, I like to play Unpaid TV Critic by taste-tasting new television offerings. I didn't watch a single new show last year, but in prior years I did reviews here on the blog.

This year, I'm back in the bidding. I sampled six new shows and one returning show. I had no specific plans or desires to add any of them to my rotation. Purely curious.

So let's get to my laboratory findings so far.

Glee, FOX

Episodes watched: 1.33. (Yes, really).

Still watching?: No.

My take: Everything about this glee-club-centered show screams says "Dan should like me!" Music? Good. High school premise? Good. Broadway star Lea Michele as the lead? Good. And yet I found it to be, for lack of a more sophisticated word, dumb. I turned it off 20 minutes into the second episode, right around the time the really white teacher was painfully leading the group in a full-length version of Golddigger.

Crystal Ball Prediction: It's already been picked up for a full season and seems to be doing fine in the ratings. But I have a nagging feeling that people may tire of it. It could still be riding all the hype and critical praise it received after its unusual "teaser pilot" back in May. A backlash isn't out of the question. That said, I could've given it the hook too quickly. If someday enough people tell me it's great, I'll give it another chance (as happened with another show, which I'll get to tomorrow.....)

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