Thursday, September 03, 2009

Book rut 

At left, you'll see that I'm reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Or at least I was, before I chucked it across the room 75 pages into it, declaring "God, this book is DOUCHEY!"

I've been in a reading rut since we moved. I've found less time to read, which frustrates me and makes it tough to select a book from my shelf or the library. I want to read many, yet the going is slow. So I lose interest and want to move on if the book isn't captivating enough. Then I end up with a bunch of partially-read books, which does not please the OCD/Must-Finish-All-Books side of my personality.

I think I will make a list, in order, of the books I'm going to read, and then I shall follow it.

Unless they're too douchey (I'm looking at you, Chabon).

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