Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pirate deals -- initial reaction 

My snap judgement on the Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge trade: I like it.

The Pirates have to go for upside. Sparkly defense and terrific personality aside, Nyjer is not a noteworthy baseball player. He's turning 29, has zero power, and despite a decent OBP, is a low-percentage basestealer. He's not going to get any better, and that kind of player means absolutely nothing to a team like the Pirates.

Milledge, first and foremost, needs an attitude adjustment. But last year's performance -- at age 22 -- shows how much better than Morgan he can be. If he doesn't pan out, what have the Pirates really lost? Other than a few fans who don't understand what has to be done to get the team out of its current predicament.

The only snag could be if middle reliever Sean Burnett (also included in the trade on the Bucs' end) does the unthinkable, and turns out to be a star. Which, knowing the Pirates' luck, he probably will.

Earlier in the day, the Bucs got two minor leaguers for Eric Hinske. Assuming those two men have pulses, it was a good deal.

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