Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy like a FOX (Or "American Idle") 

Alright, FOX. Fine idea to do a Michael Jackson tribute last night. But terrible execution.

The network simply replayed the entire two-hour American Idol episode from March in which the contestants sang songs from MJ's catalog. But they added nothing to it. Not even so much as a new intro by Seacrest. In some ways it was actually a bit macabre, since there was no mention of Jackson's death within the program.

Why not re-edit the show to include new voiceovers, interspersing the contestants' performances (minus the judges' comments) with a few celebrity interviews, fan reaction, etc?

How hard could that have been? As it was, the show came off as a cheap way to cash in on Jackson's death without having to actually pay tribute to him at all.

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