Monday, April 27, 2009

Top of the Pod 

"Magnificent," U2: I didn't buy the new album, but I downloaded this song. There is something especially phenomenal about the first 60 seconds of it, which is mostly instrumental, and builds in intensity as it goes. I just listen to it over and over again. I think the Steelers should use it as a pump-up song as they take the field. Or maybe not. But someone should. It kind of struck me as a more intense version of the intro from "Where the Streets Have No Name." A real anthem-y sound that proves they can still rock. I think I pulled a muscle the other day air-drumming, pretending I was Larry Mullen, Jr.

"Tears of a Clown," Adam Lambert: If you don't watch American Idol, you may or may not have seen Adam Lambert sing. If you haven't... you will. Phenomenal. More on him later, I reckon.

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