Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sorry, but Sirius didn't make it 

Every day I walk by a car with this "Sirius Lives" bumpersticker on it.

When I first saw it (and others like it), I wondered if it referred to the Harry Potter character. Then I thought, "No, that's stupid. It must be some religious or cult thing I don't understand." But I think I may have been right the first time. Can anyone confirm that, in fact, this is a bumpersticker denying a plot development in a work of fiction?

Now, I am as big a Harry Potter fan as the next individual. But let's get a grip.

I mean, you don't see me driving around with a CHARLIE DIDN'T DROWN bumpersticker from LOST.

Though I do have that t-shirt that says MONICA AND CHANDLER DIDN'T REALLY MOVE TO THE SUBURBS...

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