Tuesday, April 07, 2009


When I was a kid, I ended up with holes in the knees of every pair of jeans I ever owned. I think this is fairly typical. Now I am getting holes in my ass. So to speak.

In mid-2006, my future wife -- noting that my jeans were (to put it charitably) "not as stylish as they could be" -- had me buy four new pairs. In every one of these pairs, I now have holes of varying sizes in the right ass pocket that are clearly caused by my wallet.

My wallet is pretty slim. It hasn't gone Constanza or anything. So I don't know if these pants are tighter in the hynie-area or what. But this never used to happen. Though I guess in the pre-cell phone era, I kept my wallet in my front pocket, where I did see some degree of wear.

Hmm. This is extremely uninteresting. But not so much so that I won't hit "Publish Post." Too bad for you.

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