Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two things that must cease 

Number 1:

The combining of names of couples or potential couples, a la "Bennifer."
In pop culture time, it's been 340 years since Bennifer was a hot gossip-page item. The name-merging was only mildly clever then, and now it's painfully lame.

The practice seems particularly rampant these days among TV fans talking about fictional characters. While I love the brain candy TV columns like E's Watch with Kristin, I can't stand the name-making. If you like the Sawyer/Juliet pairing on LOST, just call them "Sawyer and Juliet" -- not Jawyer or Suliet.

And no, Kristin, I will not call these two "Robarney!"

Number 2:


The above image is of an American Idol contestant. Who is not Barack Obama. No one is Barack Obama except Barack Obama. Artist Shepard Fairey created a neat portrait, and it was of Barack Obama. I realize this was an amazing moment in time, and that these copies were bound to pop up, and that there is no stopping them. But still. Can we try?**

**The Mike Tomlin "Yes We Can" shirt gets a pass, because a) it was months ago, and b) it's a Steeler-related product. Automatic exemption.

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