Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Any Twits here? 

No Twitter for me, my friends.

I enjoy Facebook. It's a nice way to keep in touch, to see what friends have been up to, to reconnect with old acquaintances, and to learn what articles, events and issues your friends think are noteworthy.

But I draw the line at Twitter.

I recognize that it may come in handy for journalists and cyber-news wonks. But as far as regular people go (and I mean this in the nicest possible way), I don't care where you are right now, or what you're doing. And frankly, I'm a little concerned for you if you need to know that I'm having a sandwich.

Side discussion: What's your perception of when Twitter exploded onto the scene?

I've heard some argue that it was the Mumbai terror attacks, when folks inside the hotel used it to get the word out. But I am sticking by my claim that this is all the fault of John McCain's old friend, Crazy Racist "B" Girl. That's when I first heard about Twitter in the mainstream media -- how she posted that crap about being in a bad neighborhood on her page, leading up to the "attack."

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