Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Blogsolution: 300+ posts in '09 

DanNation celebrates its 5th Anniversary this month. I was curious as to what my production has been like over the first half decade of this blog:

410 posts in '04
466 in '05
334 in '06
266 in '07
255 in '08

I've determined that this is a generally downward trend.

Part of it is that somewhere along the line I picked up the habit of eschewing very short, non-substantial posts in favor of holding items and doing "News and Notes" instead. Why, I'm not sure.

Regardless, in 2009 I pledge to return to a more median level of production -- 320 posts. That would put me back to somewhere near my 2006 output level.

And no, if it looks like I'm not going to hit the mark, I won't just start posting one-word posts like "Poop!" or "Words!" twice a day to reach the goal.

Unless you really want me to.

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