Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Website is 56% Woman, Hear it Roar 

Sean has posted one of his handy blog games -- the Gender Analyzer. It's supposed to be able to tell if a website is written by a man or a woman.

Sean, as he said, got a 76% male score. Me?

We guess [DanNation] is written by a woman (56%), however it's quite gender neutral.
And I've never even blogged about Dawson's Creek. Eat me, Analyzer.

White Nerdy Wonks, written by five males, actually came in more womanly -- 63%. I'm only 1/5 on the hook for that one. It's probably because Messiah posted that picture of the morbidly obese woman's cellulite-laden ass.

As for the rest of you...

Gobo's Too Much TV: An even 50%.
Jason Christ Superstar: A man's site. 95%!
Pittsburgh Comet: Also quite mannish: 83%.
Less Internet: 83% woman (which is correct).

However, the site's technology was called into serious question when I put in ESPN.com and it wrote back:

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