Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Experiment: What makes the Analyzer tick? 

So I was fixing the carburetor in my Mustang, when this hottie walked by. Amazing tits on her. Tits! Tits and carburetors. Also boobs and catalytic converters!

How is the souped-up engine on your vintage T-bird? What? You drive a Corolla? You are a pussy! Fuck you, asshole.

I lack a vagina.

I can throw a football pretty accurately, though not that far. I played quarterback during our manly Turkey Bowl games. Occasionally Steelers would wander in and watch us play. Once I yelled out "Pamela Anderson!" as a play call for no reason. Then I ate a shitload of food and pooped a lot.

Fucker Fucker Fucker!

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