Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Lately I've been bussing it to work, meaning I have a lot more time to listen to the iPod.

My previous Podcast lineup was a little thin -- just The Savage Lovecast (Dan Savage) and NPR's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. Both are weeklies, and not nearly enough to fill daily bus rides and dog walks.

First I added The Best of Mike & Mike in the Morning. This is awesome, because I don't work bankers' hours, and therefore never catch the actual show.

Then I noticed that the #1 Podcast on all of The iTunes was suddenly the Rachel Maddow Show, so I grabbed that. I have seen her only a couple times, and didn't even know she had her own show. But I listened to last night's, and it was pretty good.

Also added Countdown, though I really don't find Olbermann that enjoyable or unique in a political role. And NPR's Fresh Air, which can be cool when the guest is interesting.

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