Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, I'm in for some serious time-wasting now 

OK, this site rules. Apparently all the major network voiceover guys got together and created their own website called Primetime Voices.

Not to take anything away from LaFontaine, who was clearly the best and most recognizable of the bunch, but I didn't realize how many of the other voices I know too.

Click on their "Promo Demos" and you'll definitely recognize some of them:

Joe Cipriano -- This guy seems like the biggest name out there now. Quite versatile too. He's the upbeat, "regular Joe" voice from all the CBS and FOX comedies. Then he sounds totally different when he does the drama promos for NBC, including Heroes. He's also the voice of Deal or No Deal, apparently.

Townsend Coleman -- The second I heard his demo, I recognized his voice from Friends, Seinfeld, and other "Must-See TV" promos in the 90's.

Andy Geller -- ABC dramas, including LOST!

Oh man, now I'm going to be scrutinizing every single promo I see.

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