Friday, September 19, 2008

The Governators 

Gobo recently noted in the comments that he can name all 50 governors and all 100 senators. This didn't surprise me, as Gobo has always been a wealth of knowledge, both political and otherwise.

So I tried to name as many governors as I could in just a few minutes -- without any cues except the names of the states.

Didn't go that well. Here are the 21 I got -- complete with some gubernatorial Berman nicknames. If you want to take a crack at it yourself, read no further!

"Good Berman Nicknames" Division

WV: Joe "Governor's" Manchin
MN: Tim "Good 'n" Pawlenty
FL: Charlie "Jesus" Crist
LA: Bobby Jindal "Racing"
AZ: Janet Napolitano "Ice Cream"
TN: Phil "White" Bredesen
NJ: Jon Corzine "Shot"
TX: Rick Perry "Como"
MT: Brian Schweitzer "Orchestra"
MS: Haley Barbour "Shop"
MI: Jennifer "Golden" Granholm
MA: Deval Patrick "and Keith Olbermann"
VA: Tim "Raising Mc" Kaine
PA: Ed "Mr." Rendell
NY: David "No $15,000 whores for me!" Paterson

"I Got Nothin'" Division

CT: Jodi Rell
IL: Rod Blagojevich
KS: Kathleen Sebelius
NM: Bill Richardson
AK: Sarah Palin
CA: THE Governator

The Senators will follow at some point. I expect to do a little better there. Hopefully I can cross the 50% threshold.

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