Friday, August 15, 2008

Ted Marshall 

Just got an e-mail reminding me to join the Ted Marshall TV Death Pool for 2008-2009.

This made me realize that a) the year has gone by very fast; and b) I never posted the results of the competition from last season.

Here are the totals for those D-Nation readers who I know participated (none of us won, sadly). Among our little group, it's either a victory by JQ, or a tie with me for the top spot:

JQ: 204
Me: 204 or 178 (depending on the fate of Swingtown)
Emily: 174
Sean: 173
Messiah: 151
The Cousin (I think it's her entry): 150
Gobo: 135

This marks the first time in world history that Gobo did not win a fantasy competition.

Many further thoughts on television -- as they always do around this time of year -- will follow before too long.

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