Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday "bias" 

Hube (and presumably most other right-wing bloggers) are now busy crafting the case that there is a media bias against Sarah Palin.

This CBS.com headline is apparently a piece of that evidence:

Calling it a "risky" or "calculated risk" -- as righty, lefty, and down-the-middle bloggers are calling it nationwide -- is hardly evidence of bias. She's high-risk, high-reward, as most conservative sites have pointed out. And the headline doesn't even call her risky. It says "assessing" the risk. You know, "some say it's risky, some say it isn't. Let's discuss."

Now, just imagine the cow that would be had on the Right if this were an MSNBC headline:

Thing is, it happens to be on the Wall Street Journal's front page at this hour.

And never mind that this is CNN's straight-news Palin headline at the moment:


The great irony is that the same folks who constantly cry "bias" are no different than a group those folks criticize perhaps more than any other: people who constantly cry "racism." Both groups take something incredibly complex, and try to boil it down to a simple, one-word laying of blame that doesn't get anybody anywhere.

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