Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Wal-Quiz 

I was in Walgreens this week, and noticed that they personalize their generic drugs by making them Wal-Whatever. You know, like Wal-a-Seltzer and Wal-Amucil.

I don't know if those two actually exist. But here are some that do.

Try to identify the brand name drug or other health product that goes with the Wal-ified name!

1. Wal-zyr
2. Wal-vert
3. Wal-itin
4. Wal-phed
5. Wal-tap
6. Wal-born
7. Wal-dryl
8. And my personal favorite, and the gimme on the quiz: Wal-Tussin!

"Got a broken leg? Pour a little Wal-Tussin in there, that'll take care of it!"

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