Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memo to NBC: Put a familiar face in that chair 

Friday on MSNBC, Tom Brokaw broke the sad news of Tim Russert's sudden death. Then today, he hosted an emotional tribute edition of Meet the Press in Russert's honor.

While the only important thing right now is to send good wishes and heartfelt sympathy to Russert's family, I couldn't help but think: "Who's going to fill those large shoes? Who can fill those shoes?"

The answer that came immediately to my mind was: "Nobody, except Tom Brokaw."

Sure, he retired. But he's still working regularly (Heck, he was in his office or nearby when they needed him to do that bulletin). He does specials and takes part in coverage of most major political events. I'm sure he could do MTP without changing his lifestyle too much. And it's an election year, which isn't a time for NBC to fiddle around with an unfamiliar face on a program that so often generates Sunday headlines.

So convince the Big Man to step in and do the job, at least through the inauguration. There could be no better tribute to how Russert transformed the show's importance, than to send the message that only someone of Brokaw's stature can take over the reins.

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