Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Rusty Kuntz Experience 

Whilst down on the field during pre-game of the Pirates' home opener on Monday, I found myself in the role of third base coach. Ok, not really. But I got your attention.

I was actually just leaning against the railing along the third base side, enjoying the beautiful weather and watching FUKUDOME! take his batting practice cuts. Kerry Wood -- who isn't a shortstop but was playing one during BP -- tossed a ball towards some young fans sitting in the front row. But the ball hit the base of the wall and rolled away from them, out of their reach.

Ever a helpful guy, I walked down the left-field foul line to where the ball lay. The kids started yelling and I felt like such an a-hole having to choose who to give it to. So I said "I'm just flipping it, I'm not looking." After doing so, I heard presumably all but one of them scream "Awwww!"

Too much responsibility, man.

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