Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MCE #3 and 3a 

Ok, you can bring on the criticism for these next picks. I can defend the honor of the Man-Idols.

#3b: Ryan Seacrest. Love him or hate him, you have to respect what he does on American Idol. If you don't, you've never tried to articulate something in a precise amount of time without a script. Let alone doing so while keeping people from crying, ad-libbing around technical glitches, and being both likeable and a snappy dresser to boot. On a television show watched by about twice as many people as the second-most watched show in the country. He's the closest our generation will ever get to Dick Clark.

#3a: Simon Cowell. Love him or hate him... well, how could one actually hate him. He plays a villain on TV at times, but he's everyone's favorite. Clever, funny, brilliant businessman and talent-spotter, pop culture visionary, animal rights activist, and when all the schtick is set aside, quite the opposite of mean. Sure, he said a slightly mentally unstable kid looked like a bush baby. But he apologized. And the kid DID look like a bush baby. He's not so much a snappy dresser, unless you like slightly too-tight t-shirts that show off the man nipples. But hey, that's part of his essential Simon-ness.

And if you disagree with me, I must quote the man himself: "Sor-ry. But I'm right."

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