Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sopranos: Dead Or Not Dead? 

Haven't yet chimed in on the Sopranos finale.

When the screen went to black, I was confused. Like most people, I thought the cable might've gone out. Then I was a little disappointed, but fine with it. The last two minutes were full of tension, and then I assumed that it was a completely up-in-the-air ending, where we decide for ourselves what happened. That was alright, and in keeping with creator David Chase's apparent unwillingness to pass final judgment on Tony.

But as the week has gone on, it began to make more sense that Tony is dead. That notion has picked up steam in the media, where Chase even seems to have hinted at it. And the theory makes a lot of sense, given the flashback scene (which they replayed the previous week) in which Tony and Bobby discuss what happens when you're whacked -- that everything just "goes black."

This new revelation has actually pissed me off. Because instead of leaving things completely up in the air, which is fine, Chase seems to have given a strong indication that it might have gone one particular way, but he'll never tell us for sure.

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