Thursday, June 07, 2007

85 down, one to go 


Sunday's next-to-last episode of The Sopranos was quite a trip. Nice article that expresses my sentiments almost exactly, here.

Who knows which path creator David Chase will take in the finale. But I've come up with a list of possibilities, taking into account some loose ends that have to be wrapped up, some way, some how.

Possible endings:

And the third storyline (in addition to Adrianna and Junior) that they have to wrap up is the terrorism thread. It's been driving me nuts. They've talked about it in almost every episode. In Sunday's show, Tony sees a terror-related article on A.J.'s computer screen toward the end of the episode, and stares at it for a while.

Will there be a terrorist attack on the NY/NJ area? Will Tony get inside info and give it to the Feds, in exchange for some sort of leniency? Will the Bing be hit by a 747 piloted by those two foreigners? Can't figure it out. But they're not going to just let it go as some bizarre loose end. It's been far too prominent.

Now your thoughts. If there are any Sopranos-watchers among you aside from the Comet.

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