Monday, April 09, 2007

When Blackjack (Double) Attacks 


After the baseball draft Saturday, four of us ventured to Atlantic City. While searching for $10 blackjack tables, the only one we found was a game called "Double Attack Blackjack" at the Tropicana.

I suggested we give it a try. And man, I'm glad we did. Commenter Marc and I sat down at the table and were soon giddy with amusement as the dealer continued to explain the rules to us -- seemingly coming up with a new one to tell us every couple hands. It was a game reminiscent of one made up in Commenter Messiah's basement. Here are the basics:One of the more amusing moments came when the dealer who replaced our primary guy while he was on break was a little fuzzy on the rules. Marc explained a couple of them to her.

Anyway, I've buried the lead in this story: In about two hours at the table, we both won mad money. I finished ahead $490, and Marc won $300.

It was crazy. Our good fortunes were probably less about the game itself (the odds are probably far better for the house than they seemed), and more about regular old blackjack luck (though it didn't feel like it at the time) Marc and I agreed that we could not remember the dealer getting a single blackjack in two hours. Unheard of. Clearly, blackjacks would be reduced with the 10's taken out of the deck. But we still got plenty of them.

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