Thursday, March 08, 2007

Idol Predictions 

This is it: the week that the two dopes who keep getting inexplicably saved by the voters must go. If they don't, I'll be ticked off, as two non-dopes will unjustly lose their chance to make the Top 12.

Ladies: Haley Scarnato's got to be out. And if Antonella "Skanky von Skankerson" Barba doesn't go this week, then Jordin or Stephanie will likely go, and that would be, to make up a George W. Bush word, travestatious. So I have to have faith that the serious Idol voters outduel the people who want Antonella there just for shits and naughty giggles. If she doesn't go, I think the Top 12 is a bit tainted.

Men: Harder to call based on the unspectacular performances all around. Four are probably safe, and four aren't. I've picked Jared Cotter each week and been wrong each time. So I'll do it again. And the second cut: I'll go with Sanjaya. Again.

Let's hope people come to their senses and remember what they're voting for.

Season totals:

Last Week -- 1-3
Season to Date -- 4-4

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