Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rotisserie "Where Are They Now?" 

As we can start to see spring training in the distance, here's a "Fun with Google" post.

I came up with a random selection of some of my old-time Rotisserie baseball players and tried to find out what they're up to now.

(I'm sure I can repeat this feature many more times, since the list of former fantasy players will continue to grow!)

Rico Brogna: Resigned in May as head baseball coach at Post University (whatever the heck that is) to take a job as a scout with the Diamondbacks.

Jeff Blauser, one of my original 1992 "Killer Jeffs": Manager of the Mississippi Braves. Go on with your bad self.

Billy Swift, one of my inaugural season pitching stars, now coaches high school baseball for his daughter's school in Phoenix.

Hard-hittin' Mark Whiten: In 2005 he was the hitting coach with the Spokane Indians of the Northwest League. He's no longer employed by them, it seems. Presumably he taught all of the players to swing really hard, and completely miss any pitch that's not at the height of a golf tee.

Mariano Duncan is among the ex-Cheesebergers (that's the team name) in the big leagues as a coach. He coaches first for the Dodgers.

Another is Carlos Garcia! This one came as a surprise. He coaches third for the Mariners.

And last but not least.....Jeff King. I assumed I would find nothing, since the reclusive and socially awkward King hardly spoke and, upon retiring abruptly, disappeared to his ranch in Montana. And indeed, I've found nothing about his life after baseball. I did find an article from the late 90's praising King for... wait for it... wait for it........ Giving It All To The Lord.

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