Monday, January 22, 2007

Cowher Tomlin Power! 

It's 34-year-old Mike Tomlin.

The more I hear from him and about him, the more exciting he seems, and the reverse was true of Russ Grimm. He was a dullard. I -- and most everyone else -- fell into the trap of assuming the Rooneys would go with the safe choice, opting not to rock the boat in an organization that isn't far away from returning to a Super Bowl.

But really, it seems clear in retrospect that they would be willing to take a chance on an outsider. After all, they were the ones who took a chance on another energetic, defensive-minded, relatively inexperienced 34-year-old. I should have given them more credit.

For the record, Sean over at Sean's Ramblings did. He said, on January 8, that he had a hunch the Steelers would go outside the organization.

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