Monday, July 03, 2006

The Worthy Sanchez 

Let's give credit where credit is due. Pirates GM Dave Littlefield takes a lot of crap for decisions he's made -- some of which have been his own, and some of which have been mandated by the meddlesome and evil ownership.

But when he does something right, it's often overlooked or downplayed by critics. Case in point...

When Littlefield acquired then-Boston-farmhand Freddy Sanchez a couple years ago, I was at work and looked up various scouting reports on him. I distinctly remember finding many accolades on Sanchez, including the report from ESPN's John Sickels, who wrote:

"A normal growth curve would make him a potential batting champion down the line, although at this point of his career the word potential must be emphasized."
Yet today, an oh-so-esteemed Pittsburgh sports columnist writes: "Sanchez, labeled a utility player since his days with the Red Sox..."

Poor journalism there... or revisionist history? Maybe even a conspiracy to take credit away from Littlefield?! Dum-dum-DUM!

Either way, this morning Freddy is leading the league in batting at .363 -- and was named last night to his first All-Star Game. It's a long season, to be sure. Freddy hardly walks and doesn't have much power. If his high average disappears, he'll lose a lot of his luster. But the F man is certainly a bright spot right now.

Credit due, credit given.

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