Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Brooks and DanN 

My musical tastes are pretty broad. My ITunes can be heard playing Outkast, Indigo Girls, Kelly Clarkson, Nine Inch Nails, and Lionel Richie back to back. Yet there was one genre that went largely unexplored....

Not anymore. I'm listening to country music. A lot. Voluntarily.

So without further adieu, I present to you the story of one man's embracing of his inner Urban Liberal Jew Cowboy....

I suppose the whole thing could be unofficially traced to accidentally hearing the song "Somethin' Like That" by Tim McGraw on the turnpike maybe 7 years ago. I came home and asked my karaoke DJ'ing friend/boss, "Hey, what's that song that goes..."

Later, as I began to moonlight part-time as a karaoke DJ in "red state" bars, I found a few songs I really liked. But this was years ago, and it never went further than downloading a couple and trying to sing them every so often. The reason I never delved further than that was because a) I figured they were exceptions (I couldn't "like country", could I?); and b) I wasn't close to anyone who knew anything about country. It's just not part of my world. I had never once listened to either of our country radio stations.

Then I met Emily, who's been listening to country since she was 10. So for the first time, when I said, "Oh yeah, I actually really like a couple country songs, X and Y," there was someone there to say, "Oh, then you'd probably like Z."

Sure enough, I liked Z.

So my collection of country songs is at 50 and heading up fast. And my knowledge/recognition of other songs and artists is growing by the day as well.

Early indications are that I mostly like upbeat and/or rockin' country. But some of the slower, more traditional country stuff is cool too. As with any other genre, there's a fine -- and often indescribable -- line between what I'll really like and what makes me change the station quickly.

If any country fans would like to discuss specifics, or if some of you would like to make fun of me, let's get it on in the comments!

There is at least one other old friend out there who also needs to come out of the Country Closet. I won't do it for that individual unless it becomes necessary. ;)

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