Monday, June 12, 2006

Big Ben (ongoing) 

Two local outlets reporting Roethlisberger hurt in a motorcycle accident. Given Steeler overreactions in this town, you never know about the accuracy. Also heard it was his bike but not him... Could end up as a huge media debacle.

12:35: All true... as you can probably follow for yourself by now on the various wires. Witnesses say he was disoriented, bleeding from a couple spots on his head, tried to get up...people helped him stay down till medics came.
12:40: Talking about a broken jaw....facial/head wounds. TV's digging up Bradshaw's comments from a few weeks ago where he was again saying how stupid it is that Ben goes helmetless....
1:43: Serious but stable, undergoing some sort of surgery, maybe jaw or something. Can't really update this too much w/ work obligations!

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