Sunday, May 07, 2006

More right-wing persecution! 

It's tough to be a conservative in the "liberal media," eh?

Glenn Beck, a classic, cookie-cutter, lame-o right-wing talker who likes to muse about killing Michael Moore, gets his own show on CNN Headline this week.

Also this weekend, I noticed that despite countless outrageous and indefensible comments, Pat Buchanan is still (or newly?) an MSNBC Analyst. I mean, FOX is one thing. I don't expect any moral standards from them. He could probably wear a white sheet on the air and they'd be happy to launder it for him.

I try to come up with theoretical lefty analogies to Falwell, Buchanan, Coulter etc. being on the networks' speed dial/payroll. Ward Churchill and Cindy Sheehan?

I certainly don't see Moore or Al Franken being snatched up as "analysts" by the oh-so liberal media, despite the fact that they're way more entertaining (and that is one of the bigger real biases the media has).

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