Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, those cute cuddly religious nuts 

Turns out the reason no one went to see Basic Instinct 2 wasn't because it sucked and was a horrible idea, but because it's not the ticket Jesus would've bought!

I just saw a fax from the Christian Film & Television Commission. The title: "American Rejects Sharon Stone's Lascivious Return for Ice Age's Family Values."

They're excited because they get to pretend they have proof that sex doesn't sell!

The actual reasons for the movies' popularity (or lack thereof) are obvious to people with IQ's over 80, so I need not waste time on them. Instead I'll focus on the type of blatantly misleading "evidence" we're accustomed to seeing from these groups:

...The Ice Age movie made more in one weekend than Brokeback Mountain made in its first 10 weeks of release.
Ah, they just couldn't resist a shot at the homos. Too bad it's a completely right-wingified "fact." It's true, if you take the literal numbers, yes. But Brokeback was very public about its extremely limited release:

Week 1: 5 theaters
Week 2: 69 theaters
Week 3: 217 theaters
Week 4: 269 theaters
Week 5: 483 theaters

You get the idea. Finally, by Week 10, it had inched up to around 1,900 screens.

Ice Age's
Week 1? 3,964 theaters.

Fair and balanced.

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