Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Feature: Fantasy Baseball Employee of the Month -- April 

There he is, out there on the mound for the Cubs -- pitching like it's 1996, with pinpoint accuracy. Changing speeds. Mystifying hitters with pitches they really think they should be crushing.

And all the while, the mildly-retarded-looking expressions that Awesome Comet first noticed in 1991 remain fixed to his face.

Yes, it's Greg Maddux. And at least for this happy month, I can once again call him the best pitcher in baseball.

You see, after all these years I finally drafted him in my Rotisserie league. Since I didn't have the pleasure of owning him several years back when he was the best there was, I'm thrilled to be getting a chance to pretend like he's back in his heyday again.

He threw 7 shutout innings today against the Cardinals, winning his 4th game in as many tries for the first time in his career.

Even though I know it can't last much longer, check out these crazy numbers through his first four starts:

Record: 4-0 (leads league)
ERA: 0.99 (leads league)
WHIP: 0.732 (2nd in league)

He'll pitch once more in April, but I still feel safe declaring him my team's E.O.T.M.

This feature, by the way, will last until my team implodes and becomes uninteresting.

An amusing sidebar: just behind Maddux in the ERA race is his fellow oldster and former Braves' teammate Tom Glavine. Did the two of 'em make a bet this offseason or something?

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