Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's see a wingnut condemn it or even mention it 

It's a right-wing blogger's fantasy: Dozens of liberals crashing military funerals and actually saying they hate America and want the troops to die.

The right is always claiming that's what American liberals think, but gosh, it's hard to get a single one to actually say it for some reason! So here it is, at long last. Let the Limbaugh feeding frenzy begin.....


No, wait.

It's a crazy bigoted religious conservative group! Whoops. Holding posters that say:

"Thank God for IED's" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." Their "argument" is that the soldiers should die because they are fighting for a country that accepts homosexuality.

This is the joke that has become the religious right. Crazier and sicker than the craziest liberal could ever, ever be.

I think I'll be waiting a long time before I see one of those "out there" stories from the right that tops this one.

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